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Menu chat for Waterworks and other Dungeons

Mar 26, 2011
I've noticed that many players with Text chat won't play with players who only have menu chat when it comes to Dungeons that have bosses with specific rules, because it's impossible to communicate those rules to the menu chat players.

It would really help if W101 came up with a specific list of chats for those dungeons that implemented when everyone entered. That way everyone will understand the rules and be on the same page. Right now, when a non-menu chat person joins to go in a dungeon, the other players will leave and switch to a different realm to avoid that person the in future. W101 is about working cooperatively, and so please help us cooperate with our younger players!


May 20, 2010
This isn't a bug; it's a feature request. As such, it would go in The Dorms.

Feb 28, 2011
colagada wrote:
This isn't a bug; it's a feature request. As such, it would go in The Dorms.

Sometimes it's hard to know where to post some things. I've posted the idea of revised menu chat along with other people, in or not in the correct areas. Even if a topic is in the wrong area, it's reviewed by admin so they see the input either way. Admin has the option of telling us it's not in the correct area, but the way I look at it, if someone has a question or wants to post info on a topic like this one and we search, either a list of related items come up that were posted in various areas, or nothing comes up and the person can start a new post.

But I highly agree with the original poster, especially when it came to the wintertusk 4 brothers dungeon and them playing tag. How do you explain to only hit the guy with the stun shield. It took me dying a few times before i even figured out how to play their game, and I'm an adult lol. So i'm sure some younger ones dont catch on right away either, and having a non text chat person is just too hard. There is a 'he's immune to that element' choice, but I dont recall a 'he's stun immune' being a choice. but i've told someone 'he's immune to that element' and they said back 'that's the way i'd do it' so i'm not sure where their head is game wise but I dont even accept non text chat friend requests anymore because it's just too difficult to communicate. I hate denying a friend request, but since I joined in march and finally got my first student to legend, i've just decided that tho i love to help people, I cant stress myself out with nontextchat people. Tho the only advantage is none of them ever ask me to gift them anything from the crown shop and you never see them saying 'i need a guy or i need a girl' which too many kids do everytime i visit the commons :(

May 03, 2011
This isn't a bug; it's a feature request. As such, it would go in The Dorms.

I believe that the subheading of this thread category is "talk about problems and bugs." The menu chat/cheating boss issue has been a problem for a long time. I wrote about it at length a few months ago after trying to help a menu chat kid in Nastrond--the very dungeon another poster referred to. We wasted two hours there and ended up defeated because I had no way to tell him to use AoE attacks only for the last level of the dungeon. It was, most definitely, a problem. I am quite surprised (and disappointed) that KI hasn't done anything about this yet. It's really keeping a substantial number of paying players from exploiting all the game has to offer, and that's not fair, to my mind. Especially since it could be resolved relatively easily, with a few added menu options. Either that, or keep the cheating bosses in optional, not storyline, dungeons. Nastrond and Trial of the Spheres both have cheaters, and are necessary to the completion of Wintertusk and Celestia, respectively. Communication is essential to teamwork in both--I hope KI will address this issue soon, one way or the other.

May 20, 2010
Agreed that it's an inconvenience to not be able to use text chat in the "cheating" dungeons and elsewhere, but that's probably not a "problem" in the sense that KingsIsle meant.

In any case, it'd be hard to implement a solution. There are three possibilities that I see:

1) Have a special menu chat for each dungeon that featured all of the sayings that pertain to each dungeon. That would be a pain to program, since it would require a flexible menu-chat system or module thereof, and it would essentially be a spoiler for how to do each dungeon.

2) Put all of the menu chat sayings into the main text chat menu, probably as sub-headings under a main heading. Again it would raise the issue of spoilers.

2) Allow open chat in those instances. That would raise abuse issues with people who would go into such dungeons just to open chat, defeating the purpose of the parental filters.

Nov 22, 2010
colagada wrote:
Agreed that it's an inconvenience to not be able to use text chat in the "cheating" dungeons and elsewhere, but that's probably not a "problem" in the sense that KingsIsle meant.

In any case, it'd be hard to implement a solution.

Don't you just love how people who aren't on KI staff speak for them? How do you know it would be hard to implement a solution? How would implementing a menu chat specific to each dungeon be any different than having one for when in battle and one for when we're not? We already have that, so why would it be all that hard to just add more instances of specific options?

The nonsense of spoilers is a pipe dream, really. Within days, if not hours, of a new release, the solutions are all over the net. All over youtube, all over various official and non-official fan sites. KI can refuse to post information about stuff on this website claiming it's a spoiler, but when the rest of the internet already has all the details posted, there's very little spoiler left. So having a set of menu chat options isn't going to spoil anything for anyone.

But it WOULD make it much more likely that the kids who are stuck with menu chat would be able to successfully complete the dungeon, since they wouldn't be avoided by most of the player base. They might actually have a TEAM that would stick with them that way.

It's not the adults and the teens that are hurting here, it's the very people KI claims to be protecting, that they claim they made this game FOR> the young kids, who are seriously hampered with most of the high level dungeons and worlds because they can't communicate with the other players in the game and who, in a lot of cases, are young enough that they aren't likely to do much more than get frustrated and stop playing.