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Members Only Crown Discount

Apr 13, 2009
What would you all think about if members got a discount on the amount of crowns it took to buy special items. Since members are already paying a monthly fee (granted it's lower than traditional monthly subscription games), a further cool benefit would be a nice discount of crowns, that way, things would still require crowns but there would be another incentive to become a member.

Also, is it just me or is it a bit much to have a cost of 700 crowns to unlearn skills? How about starting off at like 100 and then every time after that, the cost to unlearn skills builds? Or at least, if we have the option to unlearn only one skill at a time...this idea is not really based on extensive knowledge either, I've only been able to glance at it and I only have 2 other skills besides my main school so I admit my lack of complete knowledge of the unlearn skills system. I just think that 700 crowns is way too expensive for that...I can understand if that was a charge for a non member though...

Anyway, awesome game, love it all, especially the community...you guy's are all awesome!!