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Max money and excess gear

Jan 28, 2009
Ok, my husband has reached max gold in the game, at 99,999 and now has an inventory full of stuff he has to hold onto, store in his dormatory, or just drop.

I'm getting VERY close to max gold myself. What is the point in farming items if you can't sell them off?

Is there any way KI can do something like make it where you can buy crowns with gold, buy arena points, or increase the max gold? Its a waste to farm items and gold if you can't collect it,or give to another character.

Also, I get items all the time I would like to give to my friends. Is there any way KI could make items able to be traded to others or among characters on the same account? It would make a lot of sense that way.

Alexandria Mythrider
Lvl 46 Myth Mage

You'll be very interested in this news:

Players will soon be able to share in-game items they collect between all the characters on their account. Items can be stored in the player's dorm room and used by any characters the player has created. Each account may create up to six characters. "When a boss drops a really cool item after a battle that is meant for a different School of Magic, players can now share it with another character that can use it," explained Coleman.

This feature should be available very soon and you can test it out on the Test Realm after the update.

Dec 31, 2008
While you wait for the shared bank feature to be released (i have played with it on the test server and it is quite nice), you can spend gold at the library on stacks of treasure cards. This is something you can give to other players, or trade to them for treasure cards they can make of their own school which are not available at the library. You can also hand them down to your other characters by giving them to your husband (or any trusted friend) who in turn gives the cards to your other character.