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Master Training!!!!! Read this!

Sep 28, 2008
i was thinking that ppl that are master and above should be able to take on an apprentice wizard and train the apprentice some pells he cant get normally. like for instance a master life training a balance and the life trains him to use that big tree guy that balance cant get usually. i like this idea it gives the ppl that are too high to lvl any more and can help other ppl. but hereis the catch to this problem though in order to learn a spell he has to be a certain lvl for a certain spell

Lvl 26 Cassandra EarthCrafter Myth
Lvl 11 Kane Storm Wizard

Dec 02, 2008
Letting classes get cards that they're not supposed to get could completely blow up the class balance. Also, it would likely turn mainly into high level players giving each other cards.

If you couldn't give cards to high level players, then in order to make a strong high level player, you'd have to get other high level players to give you cards when you were lower level, and then have those in addition to your normal cards once you were high level. Trying to patch that onto a game would effectively tell players, if you want a strong character, you have to delete yours and start over. That's a terrible thing to do.