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Marleybone Book Quest Problem

Jun 11, 2012
I need someone from KI to look at this for me. Professor Greyrose or someone answering would be highly appreciated.
I was doing the book quest in Marleybone because I had already beaten the world and I knew where they were. When I got the first book in Hyde Park it said, "Goal Complete: Get whatever book" There wasn't anything wrong with that. But then it said, "Goal Complete: Welcome to Mooshu" See the problem? Well I was confused so I looked at my quests and saw that one of the books that I had to find in Mooshu was gone. I decided to test it out. I went and got the book in Chelsea Court and saw that I had two goals completed. Same in Newgate Prison. When I was done getting the books in Marleybone I only had to find two books in Mooshu. For each book I got in Marleybone, I got a Mooshu book. It didn't do this when I got books before. Again, I really want someone from KI to answer me because I'm not sure if this is just on my computer or if this is a big bug.