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Manners Manners Manners.....

Mar 18, 2009
If these people's parents have been unable to teach them manners, it's highly unlikely that one quest in a game is going to do the trick! If only, right? :D

Most of the trouble I've had with people pulling enemies and fleeing has been when they teleport to me while I'm in combat, then realize they don't want to fight those monsters, and leave. My recommendation is to prevent people from teleporting in combat, unless both parties agree. A simple dialog box would solve the problem. For the moment, I'm not accepting friend requests, and I don't allow anyone to teleport to me, but that kind of defeats the purpose of playing an MMO. :/

I can't think of very many (if any) occasions when people have run up to me while I was fighting, waited for another monster to enter the fight, then left. That would be very obnoxious, indeed.

As for the makeshift cursing, I always report people for that, and you should too. My 9-year-old son plays this game, and I recently had to disable his text chat for that very reason. (I disabled mine at the same time, cuz I don't want to look at it either.)

Jul 03, 2009
I have found the same problem. When they start the swearing report them instantly so Wizard gets the drop on these people using harsh language, especially around the younger children in the game.

Wizard will and can put a stop to their rude manners. I have even tken pictures of thse rude people to send to Wizard as proof.

May 19, 2009
there needs to be an option maybe that if you are so many levels above them you can kick them from the Fight...

Jul 09, 2009
Wow. Warning: Long Post ahead.
First of all, I'm really glad to see someone talking about manners in this game. However, I don't know that Wizard 101 necessarily has the time to monitor every incidence of "bad manners"--there are over a million people playing this game, and they only have 100 employees. I also strongly disagree with the idea that all bad behaved players are children, or that wizard should try to police all of them. Can you imagine how inundated they would be if we all reported every incidence of bad manners? It would be like a bus full of kids all saying "he's touching me...she's in my seat...he's looking at me" at the same time, and the only person to deal with all 30-60 of them is the driver. Poor driver! While I agree it's awful that people behave badly, I don't think we have to follow suit by behaving like "young wizards" ourselves and tattling to teacher / mommy every time someone behaves rudely. This happens in real life too--people cut you off in traffic, shove you in the street, and so on. Do they apologize? No, usually they swear at you or laugh, or get pushy. Are they adults, or at least teenagers? Yes. Is it a pain? Yes. Do report every single one of them to the police? No, because it is not actually a crime to be a rude, uncouth, degenerate individual. I think as adults (or at least emotionally mature individuals--kids included) we need to descriminate between a simple prank, or something that very well could be an accident / emergency, and something that really does need to be reported, such as that nasty person swearing at you. The Wizard 101 staff does monitor and watch this sort of thing, but the guy "just sitting there" in fight could also have been bumped off the server. That happens to me all the time, sometimes when I'm in fights with other people. Does it mean I'm an awful person and want to ride along on YOUR fight to get YOUR experience and items? Absolutely not! I hate it when I get bumped out of the game, in fact. I would much rather be in that fight. And, in fact, "ride along" fighters really bother me too, but I generally don't think of a person who just sits there, takes damage, and doesn't even cast one spell as a ride-along. Usually they will do SOMETHING--they don't get any experience if they don't. In fact, a lot of those guys wait until just before the fight is over, and will try and give the final blow--which will net them a lot of experience and items. It infuriates me. What is worse is when you get a stalker--a random wizard who follows you around and joins all your fights, only to sit there and do nothing until near the end, when they throw one punch and manage to get a bunch of loot. I politely ask them to stop. If they don't, which is normal, I flee the fight and switch realms. That's about all I can do, other than sit there and take it. Here's the problem, though: most of these guys have chat enabled, and many of them have higher level wizards than is normal for the realm. They are not children or inexperienced players. They are smart enough to avoid saying anything that the staff can reprimand them for--and they can't actually go after someone just for not casting attack spells. All the guy has to say is "I didn't have any in my hand". Only once or twice have I had this happen with a chat disabled character.
Let's try to remember and enjoy the positive team ups this game was designed around instead. I've had team ups with random folk who've gone so far as to heal my wizard, give me pips, or cast threat to draw enemy attention to their wizard. These wizards were not my friends. They were just random matchups. I say we should all agree to enjoy the nice times the game provides, and not sweat the small stuff. It's not like they can do anything to permanently inconvenience your character; it's just annoying. And anything they CAN do beyond that, like swearing, is reportable and has consequences.

May 01, 2010
I never really thought about it until now, but a player rating system (something like E-bay's rating system) would be GREAT! In my opinion, this would be FAR more useful than the Pet update.

A simple "Thumbs up/Thumbs down" approach would work fine. It would be a middle ground, somewhere between ignoring and reporting. If someone was rude, give them a thumbs down. If someone is nice, give them a thumbs up. Disable it for friends (so that no one could "pump" up your stats on a regular basis). It wouldn't really affect gameplay, it would merely be an indication of how courteous one's game behavior was.

Apr 26, 2010
i think the thumbs up/down is a great idea, mayby if yu got enough ups you could get a badge?

Feb 22, 2010
lorddoom141 wrote:
I noticed many of our younger wizards are being rude or careless to others while exploring Wizard101. I notice (and this happens to me) many players entering your combat and then logging off just so you fight three people at once... when you ask then "Why did you do that?" they curse at you with they words not tracked by the filters...

This has happened to me, but worse. I was fighting dizesed water elementals, already ticked off because i got pulled into a battle, ant then some storm wizard comes along and casts DARK WIND! SRSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? So i ended up fighting three strong monsters, in their domain (what i say when they are being effected my their main school's global spell), while in a bad mood. Luckily, i got out alive.