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mana problem

Mar 11, 2014
hi i really need your help i'm a level 22 wizard and i use to have more than 100 mana but then it started deceasing now i only have 60 mana even my friend who is in level 10 has more mana than me plz help me because now i can't fight lot'e of monster because i have very little mana plz help me

Young Wizard, your -base- mana increases as you level up, however gear that you equip and unequip can change your maximum mana.

It would seem that as you increased in levels and obtained new gear (hats, robes, shoes, athames, rings, amulets and wands) that you opted for items that do not have a mana increase boost.

Spend some time looking at the items in the Bazaar and you'll see that there are some items that increase your maximum mana, and some items that do not. Only the items you are currently wearing will change your stats.

Jul 06, 2012
I have a level 14 (Eric) wizard who has more mana than my other wizards it all depends on what gear you have on, and pets can also have a impact on mana, if your pet has a mana gift then it will give you more mana, but if you don't have that pet equipped then your mana goes down.

Ethan WaterHeart level 53
Erica WaterRunner level 24
Eric Watercloud level 14
Maria Moonsong level 14
Emily WaterDreamer level 11
Madison OwlWhisper level 6

Mar 11, 2014
but how much does a level 22 wizard supposed to have ??

The information you seek is on our fansites, young Wizard. Visit http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Basic:Level_Chart to learn more about your health, mana, energy, and pips.