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Malistaire robe drop rates

Jan 29, 2009
I do not know if there is a set loot table for Malistaire or if there is a trick to how you can get other robes to drop but i think that the drop rate for Malistaires robe is greatly over balanced. I am a death wizard and have killed Malistaire over fifty times, and this is not an exaggeration. I have received close to twenty balance robes and mostly fire and life robes. Is there a reason that i am not having any luck in having him drop my death robe? It seems sense i have have killed him now five times sense the patch that he now has even less chance to drop a good robe. I have only received a myth robe in the five kills. Just curious as to how long i have to continue to kill Malistaire before i can actually get the robe that I want. Tired of killing Malistaire and getting a robe that i can sell for less than two thousand gold when i could be focusing on raising another character to grand master.

Valdus Soulbreaker
LvL 50 Death Wizard