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Make Fire Elemental Better?

Feb 15, 2009
I completly agree 400 helth just isn't enough! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

May 09, 2009
LucarioAura45 wrote:
I'm a Pyromancer (Lvl 47 to be exact) and I use my minion often. I think that KI should make the minion better. Take the Ice Guardian for example. The best Ice spell it uses is Evil Snowman. As opposed to the Fire Elemental, the best spell it uses is Fire Elf. Rank 2 vs. Rank 3. Who is better? Ice Guardian!
Not only can it use a Rank 3 spell, but in can use storm spells as well! What I'm trying to say is that it should be able to use Sunbird, and also be able to use Thunder Snake and Lighting Bats. Anyone agree with me? Anyone? Anyone at all?

I don't agree. The ice guardian doesn't even know evil snowman. The only ice
spell I've seen it use is frost beetle. The ice guardian can't buff. Fire blade + fire trap + fire elf > ice guardian

Dec 04, 2009
i am a lvl 47 pyromancer and i dont even carry that spell anymore I: its just awful not even good for pvp i swear first hit its down i mean at least raise its health you know? and spell ranking as well we have low health as it is in pvp we should have some decent back up break shields and take up attention so in conclusion i say switch the minion up make him stronger or at LEAST better spells :P really at LEAST lol wellz peece o i be mason lionhead xD lol but it wont help you find me ;D you'll never take me alive WIZARDS o. O

Jun 07, 2010
while you are at it how about making Water Elemental better, yes it Taunts, which is a pro of it, the Con for it is the Taunt will usually start to work in around 3 to 4 rounds.

It is still only a Rank 1 Elite in the upper levels, this card never survives long enough to benefit you against Rank 5, and 6 elite/bosses.

ANY Minion card should RAISE in RANK depending on wizard level, after rank 4 this card is useless.

He buffs himself with shield deffence a lot more then he buffs you with shield deffence. I think I got buffed once with three shield deffences, it never happened after that as far as I can recall, So it must of been a bug.

Instead of constant shield buffing and Taunting how about have the minion throw off an attack more then 1 time, once in awhile 2 times once in every blue moon, 3 times never does.

The water Elemental will only cast absorb on himself if you cast it once on him. he should be casting absorb constanly on himself with out you, since is prime purpose is to direct attacks onto it. If you do not cast an absorb shield once on it, it will never cast an absorb on its self.

Jan 25, 2010
I am a 45 Pyromancer and I understand every word you are saying!
I summoned a Fire Minion in War Tower, and here are the only spels it used:


Now at this my mouth drops open in PURE SHOCK! I have seen a storm minion do over like 400 damage while my fire minion only can do 210!


Jun 07, 2010
storm minion do over like 400 damage ?

Water Elemental which will only be a rank 1( Storm Minion) I am Storm and the only spell my minion casted was the Ghoul, and the thing never last long enough to cast anything else, because per round it uses Taunt, and Shield Buffs on itself.

The only time it will ever cast Ghoul is if it is low on hit points, once or twice, thats it. I used this thing up until I started faceing off with Rank 4,5, and 6 NPC's., I can count on one hand how many times it used ghoul. It never lasted long enough on Rank 4,5, and 6 NPC's without it dieing in 2 to 3 rounds.

The Minion is awesome when fighting rank 1, 2, and 3 NPC's . When it doesn't really need ghoul. I am now a Master Diviner and I do not even carry the Minion in my deck anymore do to it's uselessness.

A Rank 1 minion against Rank 4,5, and 6 NPC's, especially using a Taunt spell?
Lol you think the minion lasts long enough to benefit the wizard? ROFL!

Sep 18, 2009
I COMPLETELY AGRRE. The fire minion stinks. KI add sunbird or even link. Please with cheries on top.

Robert SpellShield Lvl 50 Fire

Ps French Toast pwns waffles and pancakes otys.