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Major bug in school specific drops on Morganthe

Oct 11, 2010
Hi all,

Seems that morganther is dropping incorrect school mastery slot items. example I am death and I have received 2 fire ones called morganthe's dark charm which i can not use and i do not have a fire on my account. So i fed them to my pet. I would think that the one for my school would drop not one i can not use. One for death would be shadow queens grace. This happend to a friend of mine as well. Fire received the life mastery slot item. This should be coded like waterworks. with being serious here around a 1/2000 to 1/5000 or so chance of seeing these to have the wrong one's come up is very unfair.

loot system seems like the lottery.. if you don't play your odds are almost the same as if you put in 1.00 to play. But you can't win if you dont play so hmm. we know this content is optional but so is paying to keep our subscriptions active.

Oct 11, 2010
received ice athame today with 17 damage on it. yet again another item i can not use ice only while playing death. water works loot codes please ki?

Oct 11, 2010
I suppose everyone farming for there main toon is ok with getting non school uber items since no replies in here? This needs to be addressed.

water works gear worked properly and dropped correctly. Hades and morganthe nope failed system

Jul 27, 2011
Waterworks gear is purposely done so you can only farm for your school. That way, when other characters hit 60, they cannot automatically have the best gear, they have to earn it.

Your issue with Morganthe also exists for Malistaire and his level 50 gear. It is just something you have to deal with and keep farming for. Sometimes you'll get other school gear, and maybe sometimes you'll get your own. Do not compare one boss drop to another boss. The regulations are set differently for bosses. This is not a glitch and something KingsIsle has done intentionally.

Apr 21, 2012
Same, I scored a life jewel, but no complaints. My pet thought it was delicious.

This is the same as any other dungeon, with odds of not getting it. Don't expect it, act surprised when you do.

So far in every dungeon I went into, I always got good stuff. My pets are very well fed.