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Main Quest/Dungeon Recall Glitch

Feb 01, 2010
I just finished the great beast dungeon in Khrysalis, but before I finished it I died and went back using dungeon recall. After I finished the dungeon it told me to talk to someone in Ruined Alcazar, but I have no way of getting there because when I left the dungeon it just took me back to Bastion because that's where I was when I went back with dungeon recall. If I follow the arrow where it says to talk to the guy, it just takes me to outside the great beast dungeon with no way to actually get to Ruined Alcazar.

I'll probably be able to fix this by asking a friend to take me there, but I think they need to fix some issues with dungeon recall because I've had (less severe) problems like these with other dungeons in the past because of dungeon recall.

Joseph Fireflame level 102