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Magical Butterfly, Black Ravenwood, Gold Pole

Feb 15, 2010
I've been having some glitches with my game recently. Lately, whenever I go into Ravenwood, blackness covers part of the screen, and goes away either partially, completely, or covers the entire screen depending where I move. Then, sometimes, when I go to the Commons, this weird golden pole that goes up endlessly appears in the center, and dissappearing if I look at it from certain angles.

And now, for the one everyone's been waiting for...

I would like to indroduce, the current resident of the Commons...

*Drumroll please*


(Yeah, I named him. )

Yep, this guy is ALWAYS here. Never fails. He's always there to greet me to the Commons. And I'm not the only one who sees him too. I sometimes see a small crowd of people looking at him.

What's up with all these glitches, and how can I fix them?

(But please don't hurt Carl, okay? :( )

Courtney Starstone
Level 52
Grandmaster Theurgist

Jan 15, 2008
This is either your video card, or a lack of RAM.

1. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements to run the game.

2. Try not to run other programs that hog memory when you are playing Wizard101.

3. Update your video drivers, here's how:

4. After steps 1-3 if it's still happening, our support team can help you but you need to contact us at support@wizard101.com - when you contact support, please ensure that you give us:
->the account name
->the character name
->your dxdiag file
->as much information about what you encountered as you can, including error messages or screenshots

NEVER send us:
->your password
->your full credit card information

The more information you give up front, the faster your issue can be resolved. It can take up to 48 hours before you receive a response.

A DxDiag is a utility designed to display the specifications of your computer hardware, as well as to test DirectX software, including sound and video. If you are asked for this information, it helps the support group relate your gaming issue to your personal computer.

To create a dxdiag.txt just go to Start -> Run (or Search in Vista) and enter dxdiag and click OK. Once the program has run its course, click "Save all Information" and it will output a txt file that you can attach to your email.

Jul 02, 2010
Altho we have been coming across a bunch of random things my fav is the pets left behind in the Dark Cave. Others are seeing them a too so I am not special.

Jan 14, 2011
The gold pole and the blackness in ravenwood is most likely a video card issue. In fact I know for certain that the blackness is a video card issue, because it happens to me on my pc, and my parents refuse to update it. (this is why I use the laptop.) As for Carl, I have no clue. There are no butterfly pets that I know of, unless they have added one in the last couple of days, so it can't be the forgotten pet issue. Could Carl be part of a quest?