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Lying about age for open chat?

Jun 13, 2009
MissNat wrote:
Sojourna wrote:
Honestly, I am an adult and a parent. I think you are doing too much and your reports, while technically true, are false reports.

You can only have open chat if the person who has the credit card chooses this option. This game requires one adult or paying customer, if the parent allows their kid to have it (while I dont think its a great idea) it is up to them. Who are you to report them?

Besides, niether of the kids you mentioned in this post did anything (according to you) that was offensive or worthy or being deemed as reportable.

You over-reacted. Open Chat isn't a license to be offensive, I beleive the same rules apply. So why go there unless they crossed a line? If anything you crossed the line and possibly cost an innocent kid to lose thier account because they had the ability you think only adults should have.

While I may agree with you that open chat isn't a good idea for all kids I don't agree with your methods. I believe if we should trust parents to KNOW their kids. If the kids cross the line then reporting them is fine but simply having open chat and them letting you know they were not 18 isn't bad behavior.

Speaking of bad behavior it would be nice if KI allowed us to write a few sentences to report people rather than the one liner we have to sum up the incidents in now. It may mean more reading on their part but would in the end mean we are able to safely get our point across and less investigation on KI's part. Assuming that any investigation is done.

It is set for 18+ for a reason.
If KI wanted the under 18s to have open chat, they wouldn't have made age specific chats, so all in all, it's considered "cheating" in my book.
And, as I did say, the kid DID do something wrong.
He worked around the filters in order to try & curse.
He said "WT?", which the majority of people that use the internet, KNOW what that "?" stands for.
Also, you can't deem my report as a "false report" because no one from KI has stated anything of the sort.. I asked my question in hopes that KI could inform us on what to do.
I'm an adult.. Last thing I need is to see a bunch of kids lying for the open chat feature just to cause trouble.

Also, you do NOT need an adult/parent to pay for a subscription or anything.
If a kid gets an allowance, he/she can easily go to WalMart & get a prepaid credit card.. Or go to 7-11/CVS & get one of the Gift Cards.

But, if the kids are going to continue lying about their age & blatantly admitting to it, then what's the point in having an 18+ chat?
its 18+ because 18+ get it on default, if it was an illegal move enabling it when you were younger, WHY ARE YOU ALOUD TO ENABLE IT EH?

matthew stormwielder level 39 diviner

Mar 18, 2010
First off people are not lying to get open chat (I mean the 18+ chat.). To get it one must 18+, a subscriber and have a valid credit card on file.

To get text chat (I mean the 13+ chat.) one have parental controls on the account and bought 10,000 crowns in the last month. I could be wrong on amount of crowns.

My son, daughter and I all play. We have open chat. I am present in the room when my kids are online. They are both teens and know not to give out information about themselves to strangers (That includes "friends" on this game.). Most of their friends are other adult players I have played with for a long time. My adult friends know I am there watching the game as my kids play. My kids also recognize appropriate words and behavior and will comment on other players poor behavior.

I think it is not appropriate to report someone for the type of chat they have. Their PARENT made the decision to unlock it for the child.

I do think it is entirely appropriate to report behaviors and actions defined by KI as reportable offenses.

Megan Frostriver Grandmaster Theurgist
Megan Frostbringer Grandmaster Sorcerer

Apr 28, 2009
Gamma wrote:
Here are the Chat definitions:

Menu Chat (default setting for under13)
-> players will only be able to chat with the preselected sentences in the menu in the upper left corner of the screen.

13 to 18+ Text Chat (default setting for 13+)
-> players will see only our Dictionary Text Chat from both 13-18 and 18+.
-> this chat is also filtered to prevent players from exchanging personal information.

18+ Open Chat*
-> is filtered for profanity but will allow numbers and names.
-> will show 3 colors in the chat window: white means 13+ can see it, yellow means 18+ can see it, red is filtered

*Accounts must be 18+ and must be an active subscriber with a valid credit card on file to enable Open Chat.

It is up to the parents of under 18 year olds to determine the best level of chat for their child, and we encourage parents to play the game themselves to get a feeling of what levels of chat they are comfortable with for their children.
THANKS now i dont feel guilty of being under age and have open chat i really respect that of you admins you always look at things from all sichuations like if a parent clicked open chat and gave there under age kid open chat and they say there age they wont lose there account for there parents choice.

Apr 28, 2009
roczine wrote:
Zigmon wrote:
MissNat wrote:
Well, you lying about your child's age so they can have open chat can get this site in trouble with COPPA.

No it can't. COPPA was designed to protect child identity. The only identity information this site asks for is DOB. There is no name, SSN, zip, address, personal email, or anything else that can help someone to identify a child as an individual. The only email address that is asked for is the Parental Email address. Which is specifically identified as a requirement in the COPPA regulations. The only reason things could cross the line is if, as you stated, a child were to go and buy a gift card credit card and sign up as a subscriber. Then they would STILL have to willingly input their name and address information. Even at this point KI has complied and fulfilled their obligations. They cannot be held liable for someone lying.
Your posting extreme examples with half truths to back them up. Coming here and yelling "COPPA" about this issue is like screaming OSHA whenever someone spills a coffee.

They are liable if the actually investigated their reports and saw the child admitted to being14 with the 18 chat, KI would have to enforce the rules created for these kids protection in whatever manner they deem suitable. I just searched this forum because I too am a parent with a child and we both play the game. My son has limited chat, I have the open feature. I'm shocked and freaked out that so many kids have the Open chat feature. Its not safe, and its against rules and COPPA regulations. This isnt like spilling a cup of coffee, how ignorant does a person have to be to not realize how many predators there really are out there looking for kids. They dont have to abduct them, simply wandering the commons begging girls for favors is enough, AND I HAVE SEEN THAT DONE. I reported this individual 5 times in effort to get KI's attention, that's dispicable, and I bet you nothing has been done. I have witnessed people say explicit sexual things to one another, as well as drop every 4 letter word imaginable, even some that I didnt know, and I was a bartender in my early 20's.
Other games do not allow this type of behavior, and the OPEN chat says, "Profanity is still filtered".

Really?? It is? If you add an extra vowel or 2 to any 4 letter word its yellow and seen by all open chat players, including those little 10 year olds mentioned. Drugs are also permitted to be discussed in yellow. People opposed to the reporting of this kid may not care about other children, that is obvious, but remember these kids, (and sick adults, and children of deragened parents) are talking to YOUR kids too.

So, I wholeheartedly agree with your report, and I'm going to start reporting them too, as well as investigate what other gov't agencies look out for the welfare of children since so many of their parents dont, or dont understand what open chat REALLY allows.
some of these words could be used in talking with other players about a choice say they a teenager and he uses open chat to talk and he comes across a hard decission to make like to do drugs or anything else that could be REALLY hard for them. and if you know your kids you would know what schools are like these days they have F word sayers in sixth grade classes and teachers that would cuss under there breath. TRUST ME I HAVE HEARD IT BEFORE. no offence but open chat made for 13 year olds and above i think being able to say ANY word would be more of adult chat and would take MANY hard things to do before getting it. and i have seen of my friends with 6 YEAR OLD bros with text chat so would you report a little 6 year old for being able to text chat. yea really think about things and please sit down with your kids and REALLY talk about school you would learn ALLOT of how it differnt from when you were kids.