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Low lvls using gm pets

Feb 14, 2009
I think this problem has gotten out of hand. you see low lvl wizards with gm pets that can kill the opponent in 1 hit! All they have to do is save up enough pips, sheild, and blade, and its a 1 hit k.o.
I keep coming up against life people using the satyr pet and wild bolt(Which is problem but not the point right now) and they are only lvl 3 or 4 most times. Plus the gold pip chance. Anyone else having this problem?

Oct 04, 2008
Yes, I am. I find though, that the best solution is to shield and one hit kill. Although this is not optimal, there is nothing to be done. GM pets can be traded, so therefore KI intended it to be that way. If you are also a low level, I'm sorry you're having that problem, but maybe the best solution, although it seems morally wrong, is to fight fire with fire. Get yourself a myth grandmaster, and trade that pet over to do a one hit kill. Failing that, or in addition to that, get treasure cards to use (assuming your fighting ranked and are willing to use treasure cards).

If you cannot do that, then at least get shields. Defense is the best form of attack. Force them to run out of cards. A level three or four has a starter deck, period, and at most one reshuffle, so they lose that way. Also, what I do anyways is ask them if they would like to set a no shielding rule. They may or may not break it, but what they don't know is that you will do the same, and break it. They won't be expecting that.

To summarize, use any method you can to "cheat" the same way they are "cheating".

Galen Swiftbreeze, Level 48 Theurgist

"Nothing is nothing. Don't pretend it's anything else."

Jul 01, 2008
They deserve it. They took the time to bring a character all the way up to level 48. For me it takes a whole month to bring a character up through level 50. That's pretty time consuming. If they do this, and trade their level 48 pet down to a character of the same school of a lower level, there's nothing wrong about it. They worked for it, the end.

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