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Lost Storyline Quest

Jun 24, 2012
Hello. I am a level 23 Death Wizard in Krokotopia (Edward Pearlflame), and do not seem to have a storyline quest. The 8 quests I have are "The Razor's Edge", "Error of his ways", "Library dues", "Find the smiths", "A river runs through it", "Tome of the fang", "Find the beetles", and "The lore of the runes". Besides the beetles, the only quest I have actually in Krokotopia is "Tome of the fang". However I can't complete this quest because I do not yet have access to the vault of ice, so this can't be the storyline quest. I have access to the Krokotopia boat, and the world, but I have lost a storyline quest. Any help in finding it would be appreciated! Please help quick because my membership is draining with nothing to do.

Dec 15, 2010
There have been several instances where main Storyline quests could be declined. These instances are rare, but it has occurred to several people I know and could be the cause of this. If you think this might be the case, check the area you think that you should be currently questing in. Look around for NPC's that generally gives you most of the main quests. In this case, Alhazered or some other NPC could have your accidental declined quest.

If this for some reason is not the case and finding the main quest proves to be to difficult, this could be the result of corrupted data, or some kind of bug. If the problem persists, contact customer support on the Wizard101 website requesting help recovering this main quest.