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Lost Levels

Apr 26, 2009
Okay, this has happened twice to me now and it's starting to get frustrating. A couple of minutes ago I was fighting in the palace of fire in krok when I finished 2 quests for the lieutenant at the beginning. Upon turning them in I was given my level up message..but as soon as I checked my character screen it still shows me as 18 and shows me needing 700 more exp to level (Thats what i originally needed and I turned in 2 quests at 600+ exp each, so yeah, should be +500 into my next level). This is the second time i've "levelled" only to not be given the level. I'm assuming this is a bug.

Love the game but thats starting to make me want to quit ;(

- Elijah Deathweaver
Unhappy Death Wizard (Aren't we all?)