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Losing connecrion when switching characters

Jul 13, 2013
Hi Kingsisle! I don't know if anyone else is having problems with this but when I go to switch characters, I lose connection. It doesn't even get to the Character Selection. There's a box that says "Connecting to server..." and then after a minute or so it says "Unable to connect to server" But on my computer, I have perfect connection. I don't know whats going on! ~Alexis DeathCloud, (lvl 100 ) Alexis StormCaller (lvl 36? ) and Alexis ShadowHeart (lvl 5? )

May 19, 2011
I have the same problem as well when switching characters. Also, idk if W101 announced that they would go down for a certain amount of time this week but it is ticking me off, can't get much work done on my lvl 68 wiz when W101 is constantly going down. But I guess if they are updating the game then it is worth it. Still kinda annoying when it just disconnects me like that.

Trevor GriffinSpear 68
Brian ShadowBlade 99
Brian IceBlade 30