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Loot display lag

Sep 15, 2012
Hi, not sure if anyone else has this problem but I get serious lag from both the little left hand displays you get when you pick up reagents and the displays from loot drops after any battle, especially the major boss battles. If there is a way to lock those little displays from coming up that I don't know about can someone please share? Otherwise please KI make a way to lock those from appearing.

120, 125, 105, 100, 70, 65

Jul 14, 2013
I've noticed this too. When you get a bunch of stuff from a battle or from gardening, after a while, those icons on the left start to disappear. But when they do, there is a tiny bit of lag for each one that does. However, it can add up to a second or two of freezing if a few of those icons all dsiappear at once. It doesn't seem to happen in Test. Only on live. This is most noticeable when you buy a bunch of packs or harvest a large plot of plants.