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Locking Items

Sep 18, 2010
Dear KingsIsle, this has been an annoying problem for me when locking items. Everytime I lock an item everything I'm currently wearing after dying becomes unlocked and then I have to go back and lock the items all over again. I'd perhaps like this to be addressed so it doesn't happen. And one annoying thing with Potions that I'd like to see a change too is that I always accidently click my potions and it uses them up. And then when I need them they're not there and I have no gold to refill them. So how about instead it's One Potion bottle with an X and a number (number indicates how many potions you have) and everytime you use a potion you must confirm the action first? Lastly, I'd perhaps like a Confirmation button when going to the Commons and a House because I'm always accidently clicking one or the other when I don't want to go there and sometimes I accidently send myself to the Commons (or some other hub) without intending too and then I have to either walk a long way back to my previous location or wait for the timer to end to go back to my Castle. So basically to sum this up, I'd appreciate it if these things were addressed and changed in the next major update.

P.S, what's up with the banks? Why were they so randomly and suddenly changed?

~Sincerely, Hunter the Verdant Emerald...