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Location of players/friends

Jan 20, 2009
The Friends online box is in desperate need of a location column for each friend online. At the very least, say where they are when you try to port to them. It's very frutrating getting requests for help and not knowing where you're going when you port (until you get there).

Jan 06, 2009
I would really love this so my newphew would stop asking where are you, over and over again. He does so he doesn't jump into a battle with me in the dragonspyre, on one of his low level characters. It would also be help in the manner of allow you to quickly change your deck to what is needed before you jump into a battle with your friends (if you know enough game lore that is to know about where your jumping too).

Sep 03, 2008
/signed - because I'd like to be able to see this, too.

What I'd also like is if I'm in an Instance and a Friend tries to Teleport to me, that a Prompt will pop up letting me know they want to 'port to my location. Then I can choose to let them 'port to me, or deny them if I choose.

Why should I want to be able to deny a Friend the ability to 'port to me?

A couple of nights ago my son and I were doing Big Ben, so my Necromancer could move on to Moo Shu, and a 'Friend' teleported to us. Because it had just been my son and I in Big Ben, we were only facing two Mobs at a time (except for some Boss fights) but as soon as this 'Friend' ported in two Adds spawned and also joined the fight. As soon as our 'Friend' saw where we were and what was going on he Fled, leaving us to face all four Mobs.

I promptly removed that Wizard from my Friends List, because Friends who don't call ahead before dropping in aren't real Friends, and neither are Friends who don't stay to help clean up the mess they created.

So if I'm in a fight (or an Instance) I'd like the opportunity to be able to reject a Friend's attempt to jump to me, blocking them from Teleporting to me until I finish that fight, or leave the Instance.

Jan 20, 2009
I'll second the notion of asking permission before someone ports to you. Often times I'm solo questing and someone randomly ports in to check things out.

Asking permission would also solve the problem of people porting in instances and then leaving, making the instance "full" so other people can't port in ("That player is busy" message).