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Limit Titles in some way.

Jan 04, 2009
Recently, due to people taking their friends to face Malistiare in order to farm him (which is cool), people with level 20 and 30 characters stroll around with titles like Savior of the Spiral, Oni Slayer, and Sword Saint. Obviously, these people haven't reached Moo shu or Dragonspyre. I myself and many others have earned their badges and titles by playing through the game.

Isn't there some way to limit getting badges before you've reached even reached the world?

Instead of unlocking Savior of the Spiral when you beat Malistaire couldn't the requirements be beat Malistaire and complete each key quest to reach Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre?

Or for Sword Saint, unlock Tree of Life legitimately and beat the imp?

I've also noticed that seeing people in Krokotopian robes with a Savior title is a good way to know you're about to get spammed with friend requests because these people teleport to you at random times including instanced areas. I don't add them, but the constant requests are annoying.

Maybe add an option to not accept friend requests except for ones that you offer?

Nov 20, 2008
yes i don't like this either when they ask me to help them and it's against malistair i just port back home and continue my quest i say to them find another friend because i want to do this when ican go there cause there's no need to defeat him if you already did you than know how everything looks and how though he is it will not be a suprise anymore when you get there on your own

Feb 09, 2009
Never mind limit titles, limit the places a friend can teleport to. If you haven't earned your way to a zone, then you shouldn't be able to go there, friends there or not. Your friends want to play with you, they can always move backwards and help you along at a quicker pace..