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Life School Without Enough Spells?

Jun 06, 2009
Pyronancer wrote:
Greetings all good Wizards :). I just thought I would say a few words about "Not eonough Spells". I am a Life student who has been playing this game for a little under 3 months now and I LOVE this game and school!! I have soloed the majority of most of the worlds using only what I have been given from the life school.

Exactly. Life is one of the most powerful schools. The only thing I couldn't do solo was Kensington Park (can anyone do that?) and Nidavellir.

I wouldn't complain about a group attack, but some variety in the spell casting animations would be plenty for now. Just speeding up that matrix-style arrow shot some of the time would be a plus.

Maybe when the level cap goes above 50 we could add a nice 8 or 9 pip attack, while everybody else is getting other big spells too. Combined with Feint and it won't feel like "life" to whoever gets hit.

Nov 02, 2008
darkblaze83 wrote:
o0superpea0o wrote:
As a Life School Student, I've noticed that I don't a many attacks.
There are about four attacks in the life school, two of them being beginner spells.
And only one attack card you get from a side quest.

I know Life School is geared towards healing, but I find it annoying having all these boosts and only one Life Spell to use it on. There are basically only two life attacks that are actually worth using, Seraph and Centaur.
So therefore, I think there should be a few more Life attacks made.

Most Life students all have the same idea but KI hasn't answered our plea. I think this game is wonderful but with the addition of 2 maybe even 3 more life attack spells would make the Life school up with the rest of the schools. I came up with ideas for 2 more but no one has posted on my ideas and only 3 people have looked so if anyone can get people to look at NEW LIFE ATTACK SPELLS maybe KI will do something.

But then wouldn't KI make 2 or 3 attacks for EVERY school? Yes, I do agree that there should be more attacks, but if the added more, they would have to do the same for the rest of the schools, correct? And another post said that a new attack spell would do 700-770, am I right?
Not as powerful as wildbolt, but stronger than any other non-school specific spells (even Stormzilla!). To be fair if KI WEREN'T to make new spells without having to do the same for every other school, then what if they just replaced some spells when you reach a certain level? Like Sprite. Useful for level 10s, but for a level 50? I don't think so! When you reach, oh say 33, sprite would be removed from your spellbook and an attack spell would be added.

~Michael Thunderspear
Grandmaster Pyromancer

Oct 16, 2008
If they add life attacks then they need to take away life healing. Which would mean that they have weak attacks (compared to the rest) and almost no healing, so are basically useless. It's meant to be a healing school, end of the story.