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Life Lesson #1: Never Trust A Newbie

May 24, 2009
For most of the time I have been playing, I have noticed the rapid declining of trust.

Trust between a newbie (That is, a new player, or a lower level than yourself) and a higher level.

Recently, I have been stuck on a quest that I needed to complete in Firecat Alley. I ended up dying - so I went to the commons and asked for help. a surpisingly lower level said she could help me.

So I used my location teleport and teleported to the boss.

I started fighting the boss, doing alright.

I was about to die when suddenly, the girl came in.

I ended up dying, and she got the kill.

From that day forward, I know now one of life's harshest lessons:

Never trust a newbie.

I understand this game is meant to be a game based on people helping you, but what about those who want to fight by themselves? Are they doomed to train up three levels higher than a newbie who has a lot of friends, just to beat an easy boss?

I like to think not.


The solution to this problem is kinda simple, and yet a challenge.

When you create a new account, you can choose to fight with friends or fight alone.

If you choose to fight with friends, it stays the same throughout the game.

If you choose to fight alone, your friends cannot use the "go to location" spell to go to your location, nor can anyone enter a battle that you are in.

For some bosses like the kraken this solution might be a problem, but I'm sure a big company like you, KingsIsle, couldn't figure out a problem for that!


I would enjoy this game a bit more if this solution was implemented into the game.

until then, I guess I'll have to deal with it.

Michael Titanstalker
level 11 myth/fire student

Apr 28, 2009
I am sorry but thats a useless idea and destroys a Massive-Multiplayer-ORPG. Beside that i think this game is already easily to master alone , it is just normal that you have to find others for finishing different quests. MMORPGS are all about working together. Just try to find friends, it is not that difficult
Duncan OwlHeart

Oct 03, 2008
You do realize that some parts of this game either force you to group(i.e. The Great Sypre), or have opponents so tough that you would need a group to make it through anyways( like Kensingston Park or a good portion of Dragonsypre). But I would at least like to have the option to not allow people to port to me, that would save a lot of grief at a lot of times.

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer

May 23, 2008
Better fix would be to put in a OPTION that makes you invisible (i.e. DND) that stops friends from seeing you. Not a new idea, but better than deleting 'young' friends to prevent poorly timed visits.

Dec 31, 2008
The option to not allow people to port to you sounds great to me too and has been requested hundreds of times on this and other forums.

As to the title of this post, though, don't judge a whole group of people by a problem you had with one person. And let's take a moment to examine what went wrong there. You asked for help and got a volunteer. You did not wait for that person to join you before starting your battle, even though you had already determined you would probably need help. You did not heal yourself in time to survive the battle that you went into solo. Having set out to fight solo and gotten defeated, you were not going to get credit for the battle anyway, but because your new friend did eventually show up, you want to say it was she who took the credit away from you.

Before, during or after the battle, did you talk with the person and ask what went wrong or why she didn't join you earlier? Did you give her a chance to redeem herself by helping you from the beginning on the next go? You can't have friends without talking to them, and you can't have lasting friendships without problems coming up, explanations being given, and people sometimes needing second chances. None of this has anything to do with being new to the game. Mostly what I notice is that she volunteered (hooray) and then she came (hooray again). Sounds like good friend material to me.

Dec 11, 2008
I would like the option to turn off my friends list. Just like on Facebook, I often get covered in messages (and people porting to me as soon as I log on.) Sometimes, I just want to play alone and work on my quests without having to turn down endless pleas for help or try to ditch people following me. I have had to remove almost everyone from my friend list that I do not know in real life and it is still bothersome. At least on FB, I have the option of turning off my on-line status. I would really like for 101 to have that option as well.

Apr 24, 2009
I like the do not disturb option. That would be cool. I have just about gotten the people on my list trained.

I do not help them when I am in a boss fight.

I do not answer a second request for help. If I say no, it is no. Spamming requests just gets you removed from my friends list.

I do not hesitate to scold them if they port to me and cause problems in my fight.

I do not hesitate to remove them from friends list if they do this a second time.

I do not accept friends who do not have chat.

Mar 11, 2009
I too find this terribly frustrating. I dont mind help, the problem is wizards that flee as soon as they port because they want to be in that specific world. Well, let's see...you just ported to me and brought in another monster to defeat and then you flee? What the heck?? I now only have trusted people on my list who are around my level or higher (Level 47) ands they are warned when I add them that I will delete them the first time they port without my permission. If they agree I will add them and I have only had to delete a few wizards since I started doing this. I do hope a solotion to the porting without permission problem is addressed soon.

Apr 25, 2009
One suggestion I would like to add to the DND option.
I would also like an option where friends with GOLDStars can port to me (Because they have earned my trust and showed their skill) but friends with RED Stars could not port to me (as they have not yet proven themselves).

Feb 18, 2009
This "Do Not Disturb" function would actually be a wonderful addition to Wizard101.

I tend to not get all dictatorialship on the people on my friends list. Giving people warnings about never to port to you without your permission? That to me is taking the spirit of the game a tad too far.

But there are times when I would love to play, and have time to defeat two monsters. I know how long it should take. And then someone ports to me. I can make the choice to go to an uncrowded world to avoid another wizard in that area joining in on me, but I can't stop people on my friends list from doing this.

I have one person on my friends list who can only do the canned chat phrases. Doesn't mean he's not worthy of being friend material, but it makes it harder to communicate at times. The other day he kept porting to me and then fleeing. As I was in battle, I couldn't do the "Stop That" phrase to him. Once I finished, I sent him that phrase. Twenty minutes later, he ported again. And then fled again. I was in the same area as him, by the way, he wasn't going to an area he didn't have access to. He did this about three times. I finally did remove him from my friends list because it became clear he was doing this on purpose. As he woudln't leave until a third mob joined the fight.

But if I had a "Do Not Disturb" toggle, I could have put it on, and not worried about him or anyone else porting to me.

Having the choice when you first start to do solo or fight in a group wouldn't always work. Great in theory. To a point. Sometimes you need another person. And other times, no matter how hard you try, you can't find another person to join you on a fight. That could make the game more frustrating for people. And has been mentioned, some areas, you really do need at least one other wizard, if not more.

So please KingsIsle, consider a "Do Not Disturb" feature for us to toggle off and on as we see needed?

Mar 13, 2009
I have been thinking the same thing. I do a lot of my stuff alone, and I like it that way. I absolutely hate when a noob ports in then flees once they see it is a boss fight! I was actually going to post the same suggestion, that they have a way to log in as invisible, or turn off your friends list when you want to go it alone. I don't do facebook, but I know Yah. . lets you do this. I love that feature , because sometimes I don't want to entertain others or teach them either. Maybe they will take this into consideration while doing all the great new updates they have planned in the coming months! Until then, I will keep playing at 3 a.m. when I want to work solely on my quests! When I feel like helping, or training, then I log in in the afternoon.

Here's Hoping!
Autumn Suncatcher