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level 48 life quest how to get to oakheart

Dec 19, 2008
The life teacher gave me a quest to get something from bartley the tree. the balance tree and oakheart in jade palace. Bartley and the balace tree gave me thing but when i went to oakheart he was in a building. The building was blue but it wont let me in. How do you get in

Kevin Hawkthistle (level 48 life grandmaster)

May 19, 2009
i got this straight from central:

Oakheart Side Quests


This is a guide about the Oakheart side quest in MooShu. You have to complete this in a certain order for it to work; it's like the main quest line.

First you need to complete Mossback's quests in order.

Cave of Solitude
Collect 6 rocks from Corrupted Earth Spirit

Kishibe Village
Defeat 10 Diseased Water Elementals

Shirataki Temple(Shoshun Village)
Defeat and talk to Great River Spirit

Ancient Burial Grounds
Collect 10 Corrupted Earth(Can only be found outside the houses in the Burial Grounds);
Defeat Crazed Forest Spirit

After you do those quests for Mossback, go to the Village of Sorrow and talk to Wavebringer.

Village of Sorrow
Collect 10 Tainted Bark from Befouled Woodwalker;
Defeat and talk to Oakheart. Go back to Wavebringer

After that, you can go to the Tree of Life instance and do Oakheart's quests.

The Tree of Life
Collect 3 Pure Seeds from Kogani Death Crawlers
Plant 3 Fertile Dirt

Go back to the Jade Palace and go into the dojo closest to the entrance to Shoshun Village and talk to Oakheart.

Mar 06, 2009
To get to oakheart you have to get the quest from mossback.

Hope this helps
-Dylan Stormcaster (Grandmaster Pyromancer)

Dec 14, 2008
you cant get in until you do the mossback quests in mooshu..... it starts in cave of solitude then you go on to kishibe village then shirataki temple then ancient burial grounds then village of sorrow and then tree of life so each of these areas has a quest giver and you have to do the quests in each of those areas....(NOTES: the quests must be unlocked so remember it starts in cave of solitude)