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Level 46 death and NO MINION?

May 04, 2009
Hey, I'm currently level 42 on wizard 101....

I've completed all of marla stinger's quests, if that's any help. At level 28 I was not summoned to dworgyn for a minion quest. Just a short time ago, I realized this.

Is there any reason why this has happened? Is there something I'm missing other than having the level and sunken city done?

Thanks for the help :-)

Apr 02, 2010
Just a hunch, but try going to the library and check for a side quest. Don't know the name of the quest, but when you finish it you get badge Bookworm. Basically you go around Wizard City to all the bosses and fight them again to read the book.

Don't worry too much, that minion is pretty good at hitting Feint with Dark Sprite, or, casting Vampire at that Feint when its a full health and you are about to die. Oh yeah and then the monster hits you with that trap on yourself. I'm trying to say the minion is as dumb as a box of nails. At least its not like the Life Minion before the Celestia update, she would heal herself endlessly until the moment you put a Life Trap on the monster then she would hit it. The Death minion might have its uses against Death Shield spamming Life monsters, but a Death Wand, Poison and the Level 58 Skeletal Dragon give you pretty good coverage on that issue, or just put some Ghouls in the deck, and then you can use them to finish a battle.

I used Animate for the Level 48 quest when I could not get a Prism to show up. Which ever one does Storm Shark. Watch out, Minion #8 can cast Doom and Gloom, so you better not be relying on Sprite or Pixie to heal (you shouldn't at that level anyways, you should be the master of Death Blade, Death Trap, Curse, Feint, Prism if you need it, and Wraith).

Some time later I noticed you can get Death Prism Treasure Cards at the Bazaar.

Feb 14, 2009
Just because you aren't summoned shouldn't mean you should go check. You may have helpful tips turned off. But like the other person said, they are fairly useless but in pvp.

May 31, 2010
On that level 28 death minion quest, Dworgn should have summoned you to go defeat freddy 9 lives, 9 times. I would definately go check with dworgyn , or go hunt down freddy and see what happens.

I would like to think that even skipping a few quest in MB, you would still get the option to defeat freddy for your level 28 spell.