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Let me explain....

Dec 17, 2009
Why you should not join someone in a battle. I have survived many battles with under 20 life left. sometimes as low as 4. But when you join me and bring in another monster and I have under 100 hps my chances of surving are nil. So I want to thank all you that don't think before you leap. Now I understand that sometimes you get pulled in. That has happened to me on occasion. I apologize and do my best to keep the original player alive. Not just wait for them to die so I can collect on the rewards.
In my opinion that is not only cheating, but it is something a 5 or 6 year old would do... if that is the case, your parents should be watching. :)

Feb 14, 2009
First off, this forum, as you so put it, is "Childish"
Complaining about such a crazy subject
If you almost die all the time, then train and lvl up in places where you dont risk dying everytime.
Third- you don't get less rewards because more people are in the group, the rewards are based on effort put into the fight, the enemies rank, and type. Then it is randomized from x number of gold to y, along with a something percent chance you get a card or cloths, based again on the enemiy

Dec 29, 2009
Alec he does have a valid point and you shouldnt call it crazy. When somebody new enters combat the new monster unfornately seems to target the existing wizard about 1 out of 3 times. Also too often I have found myself fighting alone against the new foe(s) as the new wizard just stands there doing nothing... I will be kind and think they lagged out

As for the treasure I dont worry about it as i always seem to get my share,
that might not be the case if i didnt survive

Dec 17, 2009
I didnt say I die almost every time. I said there are several times I have survived with a few hps. I could've survived without someone bringinging in an extra creature who is going to target the first player who would be me. I am not that small of player. A lvl 33 Balance who has solo'd all the way. So I would'nt say I have a problem Fighting. I have a problem when someone comes into a fight, when last creature is almost dead , and then not casting, or fleeing. I really like that one.

For the most part I think the wizards on here are very nice. Its just those few that can ruin the few hours I have to relax and enjoy my time. I hope you can understand my point of view.

Dec 30, 2008
You can always change realms to avoid heavily populated areas.

I join fights simply to rack up quest kills faster. Nothing more boring than quests, so why not fast track it.

Dec 17, 2009