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Last Quest Idea

Dec 17, 2008
Well I was wondering on how Malistaire is the last on the story quests, maybe there could be one more! I was thinking and I thought why can't there be a sister between Malistaire and Cyrus, a Fire girl. She becomes enraged, and in GRIZZLEHEIM or CELESTIA (the only 2 worlds that i have heard of that are'nt on the game yet) She gets all mad, and you fight her! Lets say her health is around 15,000? Oh, and she can use Fire Dragon. Just wondering!

Dec 09, 2008
This is a good idea. But in another post Professor GreyRose said There is much more up Malistaire's over sized sleeves. After all he is a Death wizard maybe right before we beat him he used Sacrifice. So there may be more quests with him in them, good or bad, but this is still a good idea and I am Ice so I would get crushed.