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Labyrinth Bug

Sep 02, 2008

A friend and I were in the Labyrinth in Dragon Spyre today. We decided to kill the Property Master FIRST before we killed the three bosses that wonder the streets to see if we could be the balance sword.
After killing the three bosses the Property Master icon appears on the map that he needs to be defeated to get the gate open. However, when we went to his location he was NOT there because he was killed earlier by us. Also, the gate would not open at all.
After going back and forth for a little bit the gate eventually did open however, we couldn't get to Bristleback because he did not appear on the map or at his location inside the gate. The map also still showed the Property Master (although he was defeated before the three bosses).
This is a MAJOR ISSUE that needs to be fixed (one of two ways):

1. Either don't let players get to the Property Master until ALL 3 bosses are killed that wonder in the streets.
2. If the Property Master is killed first and then the 3 bosses, you should be able to open the gate and be able to access Bristleback's location.

Needless to say, because this was an instance level, we wasted an hour and 1/2 trying to get to Bristleback.

Dustin Dragonsword