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Krokotopia Library Quest Bug

Aug 20, 2011
Hey everyone!
I don't know what quest this was or what level I was at but I do know that I did this quest twice.
The quest is where you go to Zanne or whatever the librarian's name is and he asks you for the news from the Wizard City library.You then go to Harold Argleston and he says Gamma has the last copy.You go to Gamma he gives you the paper then you take it to Zanne.After that Zanne says "Alligators in the sewers?They're everywhere!" The first time I did this quest I got the normal amount of xp the second time I got 645 xp.
I'm sorry if this isn't well thought out but it is my first time.So please fix because it is a mind boggler and an xp bug.
P.S. I did it the second time a few levels later..