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Kraken...Just A Little Rant

Dec 31, 2008
haha..when i read these posts they remind me as myself as a "kracken hogger"

when i was a low leveled non suscriber, I used to always fight the kracken myself. Whenever the battle was over I just stepped in the middle so there was a POSSIBLE chance to fight. Usually works for me, and back then no one had a problem with it. :-o

must have been some time since I've farmed the kracken..I understand how nonmembers and newbies are dissapointed when they are trying to finish the quest so I guess Otys's solution is the best: make it an instance

And also you should go to Perfect realms in DIFFERENT rooms: like room 2 or 3 if they're any. The "hoggers" are simply regular nonmembers that want to gain more exp. and gold (like me). If they really do call you names and other rude names, simply ignore them for they are just trying to boot you out. Do your best to try and get into these battles. Hope this helped

~Blaze DragonFlame, Level 48 Pyro Duddeeeee

Mar 03, 2009
Otys wrote:
Preacher7719 wrote:
I find that it is a serious problem.

The majority of the times I go by I can look down and see the area swarmed with characters, with a chosen few being able to keep their battle positions over and over.

And I have seen this in PERFECT realms.

Personally, I feel a limit should be placed on how often you can fight the Kraken to 3 a day / per account (notice I said account and not toon). After the 3rd time, you are teleported out just as if you steped on the portal and not allowed back in at all.

that's most horrible idea i've ever read... that would create riots... not kidding. free players woud be so mad, kings isle would lose like 1/4 of their free players because they can't make decent money.

i think the kraken situation is a problem, so i say make it an instance

I believe that is a perfect idea, I have also run into the same problems with the kraken expecially at certain times of the day. Possible a good idea to expand on remove the waterfront view. There are several mountains. have the teleporter teleport to a cave in the mountain like a mine. From there like other instants have a couple of goons patroling the walkway, and have kraken at the end like the tomb of storms or barrecks. That could possible hold down on the swarm of people at the kraken location and only admit 4 at a time