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Known Issues for November Update

Looks like even after all the diligent testing on the Test Realm, a few things have slipped through the cracks.
  • The Recipe for "Accurate" treasure card is mislabeled as Christest. We've told Chris... -- Fixed!
  • The "Transmute Sunstone" Recipe is mislabeled as "Transmute Agave Nectar". -- Fixed!
  • If you get stuck on Diego's second tutorial, let us know by sending an email to community@wizard101.com telling us your character name - you can always exit out of the game and back in to free yourself from his arena -- Fixed!
  • Has your Prestigious Outfit turned red? If so, you can choose to dye it or you can choose to leave it alone and we will fix it soon -- Fixed!
  • Some players are having trouble exiting Whirlpool Cave. You can recall to the commons, teleport to a friend or teleport home to leave this zone. -- Fixed!
  • Dryad spells enchanted with Primordial Spell are displaying the wrong text on the card -- Fixed!
  • The Shell Coat recipe does not recognize the Leviathan Treasure Card -- Fixed!

These were all address on November 13th yay!

We are still investigating an issue with the Black Sun Chamber in Azteca and appreciate all our player reports!

Mar 25, 2011
the sharpel spell is not being applies to the bladestrom spell FYI