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Kicked out of castle everytime i log out.

Jan 24, 2010

I recently purchased a castle, and everytime i log out while being in my castle, i find myself back in the mooshu furniture/castle shop when i log back in.

Is this normal, does every player who owns a castle get transferred outside their castle to other locations when they log out while being in their castle's ?

The bank located in your dorm and castle, are they linked ?

I keep loosing items once i transferred them into my bank. So far i have lost reagents and furniture just my moving them from my backpack to my bank and back to my backpack ?

Thank you

Please contact our customer support team, the will find out where the items went.

Send an email to support@wizard101.com

Before you submit a ticket, make sure that the email address associated with your Wizard101 account is valid and that you can check email at that address!

Tickets can take up to 48 hours to receive a response and duplicate tickets can slow the whole process down. When you contact support, please ensure that you give us:
  • the account name
  • the character name
  • as much information about what you encountered as you can

NEVER send us:
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  • your credit card information

The more information you give up front, the faster your ticket can be resolved.

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Feb 14, 2009
If you go to your house from the mooshu shop this is normal. As well you are probably putting your items into the bank not shared bank.

Sep 20, 2009
I don't know about the lost items. But if you port to your Caslte, or Home, when you log out and go back in, you will be where you were before you ported to your castle or home. Hope this helps!

Ex: If you were in lets say MOOSHU JADE PALACE and you PORTED to your CASTLE or HOME, when you LOG OUT and LOG BACK IN, you will be at MOOSHU JADE PALACE instead or your house. :) :) :) :):):)

Jun 13, 2009
Also not to mention yes everyone who logs out in a house/dorm goes back to where they were before they ported home. Unless you are in a dungeon then you goto the previous spot outside of that dungeon. think of it as a way of starting the game where you left off. or a free return trip without using mana to mark your location or running across a world to get back to a place.

To explain the dungeon thing a little better, lets say you are in cave of solitude farming black lotus/pearls and a friend needs help in the labyrinth so you go, finish it and port to your house to place a new item or bank then log out for the night. When you log back in your are back in cave of solitude ready to farm more reagents without missing a beat.

P.S. Zeke I don't like the way your voice changed in Celestia. :(

Jan 25, 2010
I have two wizards and neither of them can log out while in dorm or house and then be there when I log back in.

When I log back in it's at the spot that I was at before I ported to my house.

Seems to be a rule.

Aug 10, 2009
For some reason KI has it so when you log out you end up not in your home.