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Khrysalis Teleporter Glitch

Mar 16, 2010
So there are these teleporters that teleport you to a certain part of khrysalis... (moon cliffs, last woods, tyrian gorge, etc). How come when I go up to the Tyrian gorge teleporter, it says its the moon cliffs teleporter and teleports me to the entrance instead of the other portal? I wish that this bug be fixed.

Jul 25, 2009
I have noticed this, also, on several occassions. The Tyrian Gorge end of the teleporter is near the Sky Screamers. If you use that end it takes you back to Bastion as it should. If you are in Bastion, go up to the "Tyrian Gorge" teleporter, it reads as Moon Cliff, when you use the teleporter from Bastion, it takes you not to the other teleporter in Tyrian Gorge, but, to the entrance of Tyrian Gorge (near the door to Silent Market). I don't know if this is by design or it is a glitch that KI has yet to address. Maybe KI will, hopefully, fix this annoyance sometime in the near, NEAR future (hmm, should I hold my breath?) .

Jul 10, 2013
Glad you both mentioned this. I was about to do the same.

The one near the screamers actually takes you back to the first of the level when used. I tried it several times to be sure I didn't do something wrong. But from the bastion it takes you to the beginning. So it carries you to the right area, just not the right spot.

They are labeled wrong too. Which I remembered by visual instead of labels, but I can see how it would confuse someone.. and if you inadvertently use the wrong one... well, it is annoying then,

Jan 22, 2012
yeah I saw that it was kinda weird, I still get confused XD

level 95(initiate Shadowmancer)