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Khryckets: A bugged quest

Apr 24, 2010
I'm running through Khrysalis on two of my characters and working my way through Zeke's quest as I go along.

In Moon Cliffs I am unable to pick up the goal completion for "Find Moon Cliffs Khrycket" on either of my characters. I usually pick up the collectibles as I go, but had this one sitting in my quest log for a while, so I would guess I probably tried to pick it up earlier and it didn't work at that point either. I know where the Khrycket is, it's just a matter of it not registering in my quest log. From what I understand, there is no level/quest lock on picking up this particular quest goal, beyond just having gotten to Moon Cliffs.

I've tried everything: with mounts, without mounts, on the correct side of the wall and on the other side of it, standing on top the Khrycket (he's okay, I promise!), and running around in the general area in case the spot to trigger completion wasn't exactly on the Khrycket. I was hoping to pick up a training point, but most importantly, the badge!