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Just an idea of mine ...

Sep 28, 2008
Unless it already exist and i have yet to find it, how about a monthly or bi-monthly publication filled with drops and where they can be found along with mini games and background information on the staff and teachers of Wizard101. The information would be greatly received by the younger wizards who do not know of the forums and by the older wizards who catalog and collect items within the game. The publication does not have to be in volumes but just something that lets us see deeper into the game than we do or can now. You could even include some trading cards for playing wizards with other wizards when away from the computer access. We have the cards within the game and we all know how to use them, so the card game would seemingly follow if it too does not exist yet lol. The publication would be great in the fact that it gives those of us who like to collect and farm some idea of what and where to look for items we want and didn't want until we found out about them.
Knowing a little bit more about the history and makings of wizards I feel would give greater depth to the already wonderful game. Keep up the good work KI.