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Judgement pet quest is soooooo hard

Jul 02, 2012
Matthew Griffengem 64

Dear kingsIsle I am on the quest for judgement pet and I think the boss is way too hard even my older level friends say so

The only wish I have is that in the game I wish for a prism for balance to turn into some random element please element please Reason while the other schools get prisms why do we have to get spears
And I am really sorry Ifi said anything wrong about wizard101

Jun 27, 2013
The other schools get prisms, because they have only their school attacks, and tp spells to attack with.
As a Balance character, you have Hydra, and spectral blast, which are Elemental, the elemental blade and trap to boost with, your balance blade and blade storm to boost it with.
You also wind up with Chimera, which is spirit, with spirit blade and trap spells along with those same balance colorless blades.

As balance, you get the Spirit and Elemental Traps, Blades, Shields for 0 tp's where all other schools must pay for them.
All you need to do is look at the enemy, and stack your deck accordingly.

Personally, I loaded my deck for this fight with 1 Spectral Blast, 1 hex, 1 feignt, 2 balance blades, 2 bladestorms, 2 elemental blades, 1 elemental trap, 2 reshuffles and a couple healing hands with 1 dryad in my Gold. I used my Mega Armament as a pet, he heals with Sprite and fairy, an dgives me 2 sharpened blade cards.

This setup effectively gave me 6 blades and three traps on the boss, allowing me to take him down in a single hit.
If I had of thrown my spell early, I'd only need to reshuffle to double the amount of blades in my deck...