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Its better

Jul 02, 2014
If your in Canada and playing wizard101 have you noticed that Canada does not get any bundles! I mean you have to go buy it from the wizard101 website but my dad won't let me.Its really annoying because I really want the spiral cup guntle but it is not in Canada.

If they put some Bundles in Canada I am sure people would buy them.I mean its not fair.
Other people in other countries(U.S.A) gets all the bundles but Canada does not.Also in my stores i do not even get much prepaid cards only 10 and 20 dollar ones.ITS NOT FAIR


Sep 17, 2012
If your parents won't allow you to use their credit card to buy from wizard101 website, you might try asking them if you can buy a Visa gift card from Walmart or another retailer that sells them in your area. That way you are using a card without any personal banking information. You could save up the money for it yourself.