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Issue with Feint

Mar 27, 2009
It's not really a functional error rather than an error in the display, but it shows the hex that's placed upon the player to be 70% rather than the 30% that it's supposed to be.

Oct 17, 2008
Yes! I'm so glad someone else brought this up. I've been wondering ever since I got it, and that was a long time ago, since now I am a level 42 Master in Dragonspyre. The card says specifically "70% to enemy, 30% to self". Instead you get 70% on both. It has been bothering me, and for a while I never even used Feint. But after a while I realized its power and usefullness.

And besides, from experience it does seem as if it only adds 30% to the spell anyway. The only thing is, if you put a Feint on the other one and they put a Feint on themself, then it only counts as one where you could be getting 30% plus an additional 70%.