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Is the Helping Hands spell working as it should?

Mar 23, 2009
I've been having a lot of fun building up a new Balance wizard, and really enjoy the option of using the Helping Hands spell instead of a Pixie for healing.

However, yesterday I ran into a strange situation that I am wondering whether it is a bug, especially since it happened more than once. I was asked by a friend to port to him because he got into a battle that wasn't going very well. It took a couple of rounds for the Helping Hands spell to show up in my hand, and by that time, he was already defeated. I cast Helping Hands to revive him, much in the same way I've used Fairy or Sacrifice with my other school wizards.

The only difference this time, is that Helping Hands did not revive him. I saw the green marker rotating on the floor around him, but he did not get the health. Luckily someone else showed up with a Life school healing spell and revived him. The Healing Hands spell then worked normally afterwards.

One of the things I really like about my Balance wizard is his ability to easily switch between a supporting role (e.g. putting blades and traps that helps anyone I'm playing with) and an attacking role (e.g. being able to attack creatures that keep shielding against other players). Because of this, I'm surprised that this spell is unbalanced and can only heal myself. I'd like to know if this is a bug, or is working as intended. If its not a bug, could you explain briefly why this spell works different than the other schools' healing spells?

Thanks, George

Dec 23, 2008
ok, this is simple.

there is nothing wrong.
helping hands, unlike fairy, will not revive a friend that is defeated.
helping hands just casts the little flower thingy that will heal over time.
the fairy heals on the first cast and summons a flower thingy that will hea over time, so what i suggest you sould do for this kind of stuaions is to get life spells too, s that you could first cast helping hands on a defeated friend and on the next turn use a fairy or another healing pell to revive him and plus to keep healng over time.

Jun 23, 2009
The same thing happened to me, my friend use helping hand on me but i didn't get revived. i reported it as a bug, you should just do the same thing

Dec 31, 2008
Nope, the Helping Hands spell was working as intended. Balance magic can do many things; but it turns out that raising the dead isn't one of them.

But as you noticed, you can still cast it on a defeated person. And as long as someone does revive him before the third round is up, the spell will begin to heal after that.

That can be useful if, say, you want to use a Pixie spell to revive someone, but you're afraid that someone is going to stomp on her right after she wakes up. The Pixie wakes them up, and the pre-ordered Helping Hands adds a few extra points.

Feb 19, 2009
I think it's because...

you know how, a heal over time ususally gives a starting bit of healing?
like a sprite heals 20 first round then 90 three rounds after that?
I think it's that first heal that revives the player first. Helping Hands doesn't have that little heal at the start.

Oct 10, 2008
That happened to me too, that's why I don't keep Helping Hands in my balance wizard's deck.

P.S. My wizards are all named Elizabeth IceBlossom, except for my balance wizard. She is named Jordan DrakePants! LOL.