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is scarecrow that bad?

Oct 23, 2011
I was questing with one my death friends and i noticed that he wasn`t using scarecrow. When i asked him why i was shocked because he said he doesn`t use it. . I have another friend who doesn`t use it as well. Have any of you out there met a death wizard like that?

Aug 12, 2009
I use it all the time. When buffed with gargantuan and two death blades, you can take out nearly everything in Zafaria without a crit in one shot.

Devin Darksong – lvl 65 Death
Digby Darksong – lvl 60 Life
Duncan Darksong – lvl 60 balance
Dylan Darksong – lvl 60 Storm
Dustan Darksong – lvl 60 Myth
Dolan Darksong – lvl 60 Ice

Mar 18, 2009
As one of the only AoEs for Death, it is very strange to not use it. However, there are play styles that suit individual needs (they may just prefer to use single target spells on each enemy, Death can get away in doing that).

Dec 31, 2010
Scarecrow is sort of losing it's usefulness. With spells like katzenstein's monster, many necromancers can get away with single enemy spells, since it can fully heal if powerful enough. Plus, I think that mass death prism would have been handier earlier in the game.
I'm still doing the mirror lake and those shadoweb things are getting on my nerves! I made it through queen Elisa's temple by the skin of my teeth!

Sincerely, Jeffrey Spirithunter
lvl (almost) 71 necromancer
"No pain, no gain..."

Sep 18, 2009
Iused it a lot on my death wizard up until Avalon. There, I just can't afford to draw the attacks or 3-4 foes when they have 4000 health, 5-6 power pips and get to cast rank 9 spells on. Even with 3600 health, I have been killed in one turn there, sometimes before I even get a turn. So when solo, I kill one at a time. When with others, I will use scarecrow in conjunction with their attack all spells. So is it a bad spell? No, I don't think so at all. But it is not always the best choice.

Feb 29, 2012
I am only in Celestia, but use it frequently. I can see later in the game that it might be better to take out individuals in a mob one at a time, as their health will be higher than a non-critical single bladed crow can put out. But with enchantments, a death blade(40%) and a blade from the Wintertusk hat(45% I think) along with a high damage bonus I see it as a viable spell going forward.
That is not including feints, traps or spirit blades either.

Jan 23, 2009
I agree, Avolon Mobs are pretty healthy and strong. And the boost on sun spell arent really effective on steal spells which i have always found unfair nonesense that we were made to swallow. So while scarecrow is the only area spell (like life's forrest lord) you have to blade high and boost and star spell circle and still miss.

It bothers me that you cant boost the spell beyond 550 when the original number is so low to begin with. You end up using it twice to kill so i use singles more often than not. And has anyone noticed that Frankie can be boosted to 1000? Until we get a better scarecrow or an actual boost from the sun spell I can see either happening any time soon.