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Is a bug in the game affecting my computer?

Aug 19, 2010
Hi! In the past few days I've been having some troubles in the game. I can't even play more than four minutes before the screen shuts down, but I receive no error or crash message or anything. Then, after the issue, I contacted support and uninstalled the game. Now, when I am surfing the Internet, it happens on my computer! So the only way to get out is to Hard Boot my computer (It's not good for it) and then I'll have to go to the Safe Mode with the networking support so I can't encounter the problem and still be able to surf the internet. The support told me to go to the Dell Support site and check out the latest driver, and it still did nothing! Can anyone help? Thanks.

Aug 11, 2009
This could be the result of any number of problems which include the possibility of viruses, spyware, and malware; conflicts in the registry, the operating system, or with recently installed or updated software; and malfunctioning drivers and hardware – (just to mention a few areas).

Since you have already tried tech, this is not the place to give advice on computers and to troubleshoot computer problems. This should be addressed in a forum designed for that purpose. Check the internet and find forums that will deal specifically with computer problems - look for any Dell forums - and raise your concern there.

When you contact the forums and post your information, the experts there will tell you what additional information they will need in order to narrow the scope of the problem and arrive at a proper fix. (The response that you get on that forum will be quicker than the response time on this forum.)

It may take some time to fix your specific problem.

Hope that everything works out well for you.

Have fun!!! :) :) :)