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instanced areas

Sep 20, 2008
i have noticed that sometimes when going in instannced areas with another person, they arent there when i enter... i see them enter with me but when i get in im all alone. and when i go in with a frend i have to teleport to them just to get in with them if they dont show up! is there some kind of requirement for them to show up with you or is this just a glitch. and i know they went in with me because they started the countdown first and when i joined they kept the same stance for the whole time and then they fade. but they just dissapear and im al alone.

perhaps occasionally your friend hasn't yet downloaded that section yet. maybe they got the message "Hold On young wizard that area isn't ready yet" and had to do the countdown again. this should be rare, but if a person plays on 2 different computers they can get out of sync and run into places that haven't been downloaded on that particular computer yet.