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Instance resetting while I'm inside it

Dec 02, 2008
I was just in the Tomb of the Beguiler. I cleared basically the whole instance, so that all that was left was the fight against Ngozi the Beguiler. I was in the room immediately before his, and had just killed the two mobs there. In order to refill my health, I backtracked to the previous room to grab two wisps. When I returned to the room where I had just been, instead of putting me in the proper room, it took me outside of the instance entirely.

This also happened to me about a month ago on a different character. It was about the same circumstances, with everything except Ngozi the Beguiler the two mobs with him done. I don't recall which way I went through which door, but again, it was going through one of the doors at the very end of the instance that caused the whole thing to reset.

I didn't post about it at the time, because I figured it might have been a server hiccup or some odd fluke. For exactly the same thing to happen twice in the same spot is no fluke. I haven't seen this occur with any other instances, or even in a different place within the same instance. There's a bug somewhere that causes this.

This is by far the worst bug I've seen in my time in the game, and pretty close to game-breaking. To spend more than two hours to get a shot at a boss, and then have the whole thing reset before I get to try the boss, is quite frustrating.

The bug might be peculiar to the particular doors I went through (between the third and fourth pairs of non-boss mobs just outside of Ngozi's room), but that would take a really weird coding glitch. It might instead be caused by going through the same door twice in a row in a short period of time. Normally that would be rather strange, but right outside Ngozi's chamber, going out a door, grabbing wisps, and then going back in the door is quite a natural and obvious thing to do given the way the room is set up.

And here I thought that only happened to me!

Well, I'm glad I'm not alone, though redoing that instance was not in my plan either.

I'll make sure our top Wizards see this, and thank you for posting!