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Dec 13, 2008
Here are some improvements I have in mind, I'd like to see how you guys like them...

- More Libraries should be added.
- You should be able to sell treasure cards that you don't need to Librarians.
You are a Lv. 35 Storm Wizard and you get the Lighting Bat you should be able to sell it, It is hard trade a LIGHTNING BATS to people.
-You should be able to trade clothing with other gamers.

If you like these ideas or you want to add to these ideas, just write.


Jan 12, 2009
Today when i saw they updated the game i got all excited, but my excitement faltered when i saw that the new ds gear i just bought, wasnt as good as it was the night before. They had lowered the health to where it gave less health than the triton clothes, and that isnt good because nobody will want to buy it if it has less health, they can easily use their triton clothes for more health. Also since you lowered the health on it i have less health than i had before i bought the gear. (btw when i had it before they changed it i almost had 3000 health) I also think yuo should bring the old arena back, a lot of people liked the old arena, but sine so many people like the new one why not just let the players have a choice between the new pvp and the old one? I also think you should allow players to trade clothing, because i have had incidents where i have tried to help a friend get a sword and i always ended up getting it, and then was unable to give it to him because i was unable to use it at the time. plz PLZ consider my ideas, many people including my friends will thank you.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Mar 02, 2009
I agree with you mostly, except selling cards to the library could be exploited so that you would be able to farm gold, since you can buy Tough and Accuracy cards from the library and make cards on your own. If you can then sell these cards back, (you would assume that they would be more expensive than the cards you bought) so you can see that this can not work.

The libraries of each world should not all sell the same stuff, they should sell higher spells although i admit that you would not want low wizards to be able to use the higher cards at their low levels. So, make the cards require a certain level to use, kind of like the clothing items for each world. Cards that I would like to see in shops include the mutate cards and the higher damage boost cards (the ones above tough).

I would love to be able to trade clothing to my friends, and i hope that someday this is added. Although some items you would not be able to trade like crown items and Arena items.

I also think that all items you own should be allowed to be traded to your own wizards since, if you did get the item you either bought it or fought a boss for it.

Feb 04, 2009
i agree on trading items ( wands, clothes, etc...) but only to like true friends. that way no little kids get ripped off ya know. i think selling treasure cards would work to. but some how would have to be blocked from buying upgrade cards and selling back upgraded cards. like, you could just make the value the same of selling both of the cards. for example. i have a troll card worth 30 gold i buy an upgrade to make it better that cost 50. when you sell it just make it worth 80. that would be an easy way around cheating. and when your talking to true friends you can say numbers. that would make life easier. thats about it :D

Jan 23, 2009
i agree with all of you selling library cards can be a sticky wicked and not great but if i could trade them between accounts that would be good like the shared banks.

As far as trading clothes and wands, yes that would be nice. If it is a trade then the you should be able to see it before you trade so it isn't so buyer beware. Mostly i would like them to allow trades on drops more it makes no sense that i can't trade some of my drops when they aren't even for my school most times.