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Inexplicable Game Crashes

Community Leader
Today, while helping my daughter level up one of her characters, the game crashed twice within 10-15 minutes. I wasn't able to send the bug report, it just wouldn't go through.

This is unusual. The game has never crashed on me before.

Sep 25, 2008
It could be due to long periods of play but now it is getting annoying. My computer in winter does not get overheated so it does not freeze every 10 minutes to an hour. I was thinking because of full realms, it freezes more I noticed but if you go to a quiet district it can get boring battling by yourself which is what I usually do. It also gets annoying how it freezes while you are in battle and you lose all your health, so you need to use up a potion or play a game which takes up extra time.

Please fix this problem as I don't have a fan to piut near my computer. I just cool it down with a wet towel.

Jul 17, 2008
Cooling your computer with a wet towel is dangerous. You're doing more harm than good. You could easily fry everything inside your computer and you'd have to replace the whole thing.

I'm sure many others will chime in and tell you how you can cool your computer, but basically make sure there is air flowing in, and a good open place for the air to flow out.

Don't confine your computer to a closed space such as a cabinet, it needs to breathe just like you do. Make sure there's lots of open space around it to let the air move.

Talk to the staff at your local computer shop, they can give you tips about keeping it cool. But please, please do not cool your computer with a wet towel! Water and electronics do not mix! :|

Dec 22, 2008
The gama crashes on me occasionally as well. It's not due to being in the game for long periods of time, there is a conflict between the game and a component on the computer the game needs. Typically I crash at random points including within the first two minutes of logging in.

I too am unable to submit an error report, I am dissecting the report and will submit the file names the game has a conflict with when finished.

You can always contact customer support by going to the Help banner (make sure you're logged in) and clicking the last section, which is lovely Mr Lincoln.

Look for the Ask A Question tab.

He'll help you!

Community Leader
Thanks guys! I think TayD is the closest to the issue.

I managed to resolve the problem by doing some basic maintenance. I shut down everything, did a virus and spyware check, got rid of some non-essential stuff taking up space on my hard drive and defragged the whole thing. After that, there were no more crashes.

And Maryanne20, try taking the housing off of your computer tower and (carefully) using a vacuum on the thing. The amount of dust that can accumulate in there is staggering and might be causing your overheating issue. Also vacuum out the vents, the drive openings and USB ports.