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I'm Under-Leveled?

Aug 08, 2010
So i finished Dragonspyre earlier this week and ended off at level 44, and I thought that i was way too low for celestia.
So i did a little bit of side quests, including the whole Wysteria world, the first Aquila dungeon avaliable for my level, as well as the first two quests in Celestia, and i'm only level 45.

So what do i do? I want to be at least level 48 before i go to celestia, that way i'll have my school (balance) level 48 quest and spell (power nova). But i don't know how to level up. I'm started grizzleheim but i stopped because it barely gave me any exp, i did up to Mirholm keep.

I'm not sure what i should be doing to level up to 48, lol, please help me out

Dec 09, 2012
Typically all my wizards did the entire first arc of quests (Wiz city - Dragonspyre without missing a single one!) combined with the 5 BOXES marleybone, mooshu and wizard city, got me to approximately level 53+. Maybe try that and you will be ready :P

Sep 17, 2012
Go back to doing Grizzleheim. Once you make it to Wintertusk the quests start giving a lot of XP.

Oct 22, 2011
It's obvious you didn't do side quests. Side quests will help you level up more for Celestia. Another option is to go ahead and finish Grizzleheim (main quests), and start on Wintertusk, as that will give you tons of XP

Apr 25, 2014
Everyone basically answer it. But go back and do side quests from the other worlds!

Jun 04, 2016
I suggest that you should do every quest that you can find (use the find quest button to find one in your world) if you can't find any quest just kill regular enemies. Do ANY quest even if its a level 10 quest (Everyone will love you because you can kill everything quickly) Hope this helps!

May 12, 2012

To my opinion that's not real bad, I know bunches of wizards who are level 43-46 and are halfway done with Mooshu, but like everyone else is saying, I advise to do your biggest XP-rewarding side quests.

~ Allison Dragongem Level 90