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Idea for new shield spells

Dec 09, 2008
After using the steal positive spells and remove negative spells that my storm wiz has, I had a thought on a couple of new spells. These would be a spells that every school would get. Not just one school. Like for the new ones after lvl 42 that we've topped out at. Maybe get them at lvl 48 or 50.

1. A steal shield spell. Works like this. It is an X pip spell (like tempest). It takes shields away from the mob that it is cast on and gives them to you. So lets say the mob has 5 shields (2 life, 1 myth, 1 storm, and 1ice) on him. You have only 3 pips. You cast the spell on the mob, which uses all three pips. The spell takes three of the mob's shields (determined randomly each time: this time it takes 1 life, the myth, and the ice) and gives them to you, leaving the mob 2 shields left. If you would have had 5 pips, it would have taken all 5 shields from the mob and given them to you.

2. A remove power up spell. Same setup, using the X pip premise. This spell removes the power ups that the mobs put on you. You pick which mob you want to transfer the power ups off of you and on to, and it works the same way. If you have 5 power ups on you, and only have 3 pips, then it will randomly select 3 power ups to transfer to the mob.

3. A spell that gives 2 each of every shield. Fire, ice, storm, life, death, myth, and a new shield specifically for balance, with 85% shield rate. Casting cost 4 pips, 175 health points, and 10 mana points. This would be a great one so a person isn't constantly scrambling to shield every other round in the higher worlds. And would definitely cost in more ways than one.

Oct 17, 2008
Well there are a few problems with this. First of all, the first two you mentioned already are spells. I don't know if you already know about these, but in case you don't I'd better tell you. They aren't X pip spells, but the same concept. They steal one shield or one blade, as you called them "power ups". I don't know about other schools, but there is one for ice that says "steal one positive" and is called Steal Ward. In exchange for two pips and two mana, it steals a single shield. There is also one that steals blades in fire school, since I saw someone use it. I have no idea if there are similar spells like this in other schools though.

Another problem is with your last one. It sounds like a wonderful idea, but seriously, shielding 85% for balance? I mean, balance is known for having no specific shield for it, no special blade. I don't think the sorcerers would like it much if we could suddenly shield against them. Plus, you said that it would be "4 pips and 10 mana." You can't do that; pips and mana taken up is always the same in a spell. And what did you mean by costing heath points?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to point out all the flaws in your plan. In fact, I support your last idea in some ways. I think a spell giving two shields in the same school would be nice. Perhaps someone like Sabrina Greenstar can give them out at a higher level. But I think two for all schools would be a little too much. There is already Tower Shield, which is very helpful. Just use it twice in a row to shield against all schools twice.

Mar 07, 2009
Keep at it but i would say no to all these.
1. This really take the shields out of the game. Why cast a shield if someone just going to take it away(all of them).
2. Balance should never have a shield. Goes against the reason of balance, plus you can block (judgement) with Tower Shield (hint: It blocks everything :D ).
3. 2 shields of all type. Once again you be making everyone a balance wizard. You can always get the shields for the other schools. If you dont want to change every fight then put them all in the deck and just dump the ones your dont need for the fight.

Great ideas keep them coming :D