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IceSword Glitch

Dec 14, 2008
Recently, when fighting the Giant Homonculus, I discovered a blade. I was so excited to see what it looked like, but to my suprise the sword is glitched. Several things are wrong with the sword.

1) When i first saw that drop immediately after killing the monster a question mark appeared instead of the wand icon.

2) I can not equip the sword because if i click it to equip the text just fades to white and doesn't show the equip sign. (closed fist)

3) The sword does not appear in my wands category. It can be found while the entire bag is being shown, but not in the wand part.

I think i moderator or someone tied to the Wizard101 team should look into this. I can provide pictures if necessary.

Thanks for checking out this thread.


Thank you Talon,
The Blade of the Homunculus is indeed bugged.
We've noticed this problem too and will be fixing it soon.
Thank you!