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I think Darkmoor has a bug

Nov 05, 2010
Professor Greyrose, I have gone into Darkmoor a couple of times since the Ultra update and I'm wondering why that changed the drops from Malistaire.

Before the Ultra update, it was noted another thread that Malistaire the Undying dropped TWO sets of items (one for each version of him). Each drop includes treasure cards, reagents, snacks and a piece of gear. Since the Ultra update, things have changed dramatically. Here's what is happening:

My friend and I were using two accounts each. The first time we did the dungeon, we did die/flee BEFORE the first Malistaire was defeated. The second time we did the dungeon, we didn't die or flee. In theory, we should have received two sets of items but instead, we received only ONE set. Two wizards got one piece of gear, treasure cards, reagents, and snacks. Two wizards got NO gear at all, only cards, reagents and snacks which was like farming mobs on Unicorn Way instead of battling the hardest boss in the Spiral!

I saw on Wizard101Central that others are complaining about this too, so I know I'm not the only one with this problem. So my questions are these:
  1. If the Ultra update was adding things to the game, I'm wondering why the Darkmoor loot table changed as well. Is this a bug or have you permanently changed the loot table so that we only receive ONE set of loot when we battle Malistaire and sometimes there's a ZERO chance of getting a piece of gear (even if it is from the lowest tier)?
  2. Can you explain what is the point of receiving gear for a different school if I can't even trade it?


P.S. So this doesn't sound like a complaint thread, I wanted you to know that I like most of the Ultra updates. My favorite is the Tapestry to the Hatchery! It was the first thing I did when I logged on that day.