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I need a refund on Tournaments

Apr 10, 2010
I was looking at the tournaments and their prizes in Unicorn Way. I was thinking about using my crowns on it, the problem is that I use crowns for areas, I thought tournaments would be fun and would give good rewards even if I wasn't in the top three. This also meant I had to sacrifice and area just for a tournament because of the crowns I had. I was thinking about 4v4 because I'm a balance wizard and I'm not good at soloing, plus I like doing 4v4, even though the only time I can do it is in practice because in ranked everyone is doing 1v1. So I signed up for 4v4, no one came so I waited some more, then I got really guilty of using my crowns, I was asking people to join the tournament! Then someone told me that if no one enters the tournament I get a pass, I believed her. Next time I came on the tournament had ended, I remembered what she said about when no one else comes to the tournament your in. So I went back to the tournaments, but then it said I had to pay again! I really hate how I wasted crowns on basically nothing, and that girl may have lied. Kingsisle please change this because this wasted my time and money and I don't want this happening to me again.

Joseph Titanshield level 84

Belgrim Nightstalker level 19

Sep 17, 2012
Try contacting support, no one in the forums can help you with that.

Aug 20, 2011
Whatever the outcome of this, there needs to be a more thorough warning for customers. Basically: "Tournaments don't always happen. You might not even get to play in a tournament, and refunds aren't available. Spend crowns at your own discretion."

Sep 19, 2013
If you don't get placed, you get the next tournament of that type free. Of course, if you miss it KI steals your crowns.